Thursday, April 30, 2009



I hadn't had any Internet access for a week (because I sent my CPU for repairs and waiting for my new MacBook), and when I came back, this happened?! How come??????,8599,1894028,00.html

In a stunning result, the winner of the third annual TIME 100 poll and new owner of the title World's Most Influential Person is moot.


just read up on WHO THIS MOOT is. it seems he is the founder of a inter-site that is famous in Japan.

so my guess is because he is famalier with inter set ups, he probably as done something to downgrade Rain's overall ratings and keep himself in the #1 spot.

so here we go again, fighting against manipulation. last year it Colbert and the voting counts; this year it's with moot and the rating system. [*]

Time magazine reports being Hacked by moot

goggle...Time magazine news

Rain @ 22 position because of ballot stuffing.

be sure to read comments. [*]

Moot is apparently some sort of a famous undergound hacker. That is why he could hack TIME, fix the top 21 spots, and steal Rain's votes so easily!

I wouldn't be surprised if the people on the top 21 paid him good money to get them there. Everyone knows that Lil' Wayne can't sing!

At the core of the hack is the work of a dozen or so, backed by an army of a thousand...

OMG! So not only is Moot a famous underground hacker, he has 12 hardcore hackers in his personal team (according to this, they call themselves "Devoters"!), followed by thousands of underling hackers?!

Above: Hacking into countless other oomputers from his custom-made laptop!

Above: Taking a break after giving his speech during an underground hacker conference!

Above: Moot with a fellow hacker (possibly a Devoter). Don't let their cute and innocent appearance fool you!


The guy Moot programmed his computers to vote for him. He has a couple of computers to vote 0 for rain and many others. On the Mac computers you can also program your computer to keep voting for rain. It's called Automator. [*]

Moot's Automators have many variants (just like viruses!):

Above: The Mooter Automator.

Above: The Moothattan Automator.

Stealing votes from Rain!

One of Moot's hackers posted links to graphs showing real-time votes for Moot and Rain on our forum. The two graphs showed the exact same thing, so this meant that all the votes for Rain also went to Moot. The hacker's forum account and his messages had been deleted since, but here are some proofs:

look at #12 both links very carefully)

it tells us that even if you vote for Rain is goes to moot

look very carefully. that is why Rain can't and won't win. [*]

i read that this is an American publication in the Korean news.

these names on the list are not selected by anyone. we have to understand what is going on here. THE WHOLE THING IS A MEAN SPIRITED GAME AND when you vote for Rain IT GOES TO MOOT, IT GOES TO MOOT, IT GOES MOOT.

in other words some of the 12mil votes that moot has, was actually people who voted for Rain not knowing that both voting links would go to moot.

someone is listed either above Rain or below him with over 5mil votes too. AND THOSE VOTE WERE GIVEN TO THEM BY MOOT'S TEAM. [*]

yes, we have all been voting digently for Rain and were it not for an already planned out come. his votes would show that he is the REAL WINNER.

if they took the actual votes from moot that should have gone to Rain in the beginning
of course Rain would be #1 in ranking and votes.(because moot is not known globally and because most of the worlds population is in Asia and outnumbers the US BY BILLIONS) SO IT IS ABSOLUTELY INSANE TO BELIEVE THAT moot wins this poll.

as i said, this is all to childish for me. now that i know what's happening i really can't participate. BUT I LEAVE THIS VOTING knowing that Rain is in fact the REAL WINNER and satisfied that moot's people know it too.
Rain's 5mil+ adding approximately 4/5mil from moot increases his rank and numbers. [*]

In other words, over the course of this poll, Moot has stolen 12 million votes from Rain!

Hacking Captcha?!

The reports and complaints from Rain's Clouds had generated a formidable Thunderstorm and TIME was eventually forced to implement a Captcha system that finally put a stop to Moot's Automators.

BUT WAIT... Did Moot actually hack the Captcha system!!!??? OMG!!!

Not only that, I heard Moot might have copied the Captcha images to 4chan and required all posts to solve Captchas!

I regret that I didn't go to to get a pictorial proof of this. I was too afraid of getting hacked!


I DON'T BELIEVE THIS! After TIME removed the poll from their website, Moot and his 12 hardcore commando hackers (The Devoters) actually slipped through TIME's backdoor and continued voting for an entire day!!!??? OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!

Finally, on Friday, Time closed the poll, but funny thing was they didn’t turn off the polling URLs, so even though you couldn’t vote through the official website, it was still possible to vote via the streamlined manual voter - and so the ballot stuffing continued.

How could you do this? Why did TIME let this all happen? Are they actually afraid of Moot because he's such a powerful and masterful hacker? Or is it because TIME is benifiting from this through higher ad-views and magazine sales?

Update: My best friend just msg'd me that TIME made another poll,
"Is Moot the World's Most Influential Person?"



Proof that Manny Pacquiao cheated using Moot's Automator:

This so-called national hero even cheated his way up the ranks and he still couldn't beat Elizabeth Warren! LOLOLOL!

And he only beat Rain because 12 million of his votes were obviously stolen from Rain! I'm sure you Filipinos are proud of your hero now, aren't you? THINK, FOR ONE SECOND! If your hero would even cheat in a stupid online poll, what's stopping him from cheating in a real boxing match?! Your hero is going to cheat his way to victory this Saturday against Hatton and you know it!

As for the other 8 million votes? As I understand it, thousands of Filipinos willingly let their computers to be infected to be part of a botnet, just so they could match the power of Moot's custom-made laptop, and spam thousands of voting URLs per minute. Here's the proof:

Picture: Manny Pacquiao and Moot, stealing votes from each other... and from Rain!


Stephen Colbert used his own Automator that voted himself and Jon Stewart up, and they still lost to Rain LOL!

Maybe if he hadn't voted for Jon Stewart so much, he wouldn't have lost to him LOLOLOL!

He was apparently voting the following people down:

Moot, Anwar Ibrahim, Rick Warren, Larry Brilliant, Baitullah Mehsud, Carlos Slim, Eric Holder, Angela Merkel, Kobe Bryant, Evo Morales, Manny Pacquiao, Paul Kagame, and Rain.


Rain is the most honest and hardworking person I know. He would never trade someone's trust for a short-term gain. And Rain doesn't even need to win a pointless popularity contest such as this. He's already so influential, his picture alone made a girl in deep coma open her mouth and talk again!!!

Yesterday, I was watching a TV programme on CCTV-2. They mentioned about a speed skating contestant from Heilongjiang team, named Wang Shuang. She’s a very outstanding new athlete & had won several prizes in the country.

Unfortunately, she suffered from virulent encephalitis (not sure this is correctly translated) and was in critical condition. She was in deep coma & might only survive for only a few days.

After the treatments by the Beijing professionals, she slowly regained conscious. But, because her brain was badly damaged by the viral attack, she had lost her verbal skill and almost 2 years of her memories.

Her parents had brought many things to stimulate her memory and verbal skill. Her teammates & nurses knew that she likes Korean Superstar Rain, and hence, they brought a few photographs and showed them to her.

Upon seeing it, her first sentence after regaining conscious from the deep coma was, “This is Rain, my idol!”

So touching!!! And we don't need Rain to win anything. We'll always love Rain no matter what!

We believe in Rain!
Forever support him,
forever protect him!
We are Rain's Clouds!

Remember Clouds, Moot and Manny Pacquiao stole 12 million votes from Rain. If it weren't for him, they would only have 5 million and 8 million votes respectively. So this is actually Rain's victory!

And ewww, what on God's green earth is a marblecake anyway? The only cake truly worth eating is one with Rain's portrait on top of it.


To all fellow Clouds I'll leave you with this wonderful video. Enjoy~

We love you, Rain! Please don't let Moot spoil our precious bond! <3