Friday, April 10, 2009


Everyone, Rain needs our help! All Rain fans must unite and vote for Rain!

Banner by kraziboi428.

Moot & Manny Pacquiao are cheating!

April 17th: With the support of the Clouds, Rain is going strong and holding up at 23rd place. Please hold on, Rain!

Moot now has an average rating of 90 with more than 16 million votes, OMG! Not only that, Manny Pacquiao, who is currently at 22nd place, has an average rating of 25 with nearly 20 million votes!!! OMG OMG!!!

What is happening? How can this be? Rain fans have been voting diligently and with honesty for so long (nearly 1 month), and we only have 12 million votes!

Please look at the following screenshots I've taken this past week. On April 10th, Manny Pacquiao had 3.5 million votes. Then on April 13th, he had 11 million votes!!! And now on April 17th, he has nearly 20 million votes???!!!

I have been discussing this with my best friend and we've come to this conclusion. It seems Moot is not the only one with cheating fans voting with machines. We both have started voting Manny Pacquiao down now along with Moot, and I urge you to do the same.

Please go to Manny Pacquiao's page and show him what the world thinks of cheaters!,28804,1883644_1883653_1884544,00.html

There is too much injustice being inflicted upon Rain right now and we shall not have it! What Moot and Manny Pacquiao are doing is clearly a crime and they should be reported to TIME and local authorities. Please stay tuned for updates on this.

And to all of you who have been voting for Rain, please don't give up and keep on fighting! Chaiyok, chaiyok!

We believe in Rain!
Forever support him,
forever protect him!
We are Rain's Clouds!

Real-time ranking

April 10th: Rain had been in 2nd place for weeks behind 4chan's Moot. Then suddenly there are 10 people above him!

Not only that, Rain's average rating keeps falling while Moot's average rating keeps increasing. Notice that Moot has more than 12 million votes? OMG!

April 13th: Rain is no longer on the top 20! We need to multiply our efforts!

How you can help

Go to Rain's page and give him a high score (100).,28804,1883644_1883653_1883924,00.html

Then go to Moot's page and give him a low score (1).,28804,1883644_1883653_1885481,00.html

After voting, refresh the page and vote again!

Blocked from voting?

If you get the following message, it means you can't vote anymore.

Sorry! You've reached your max! Try voting again later.

If this happens, RESTART YOUR COMPUTER! You will be able to vote again. If not, keep restarting! [source]

Thank you Angelrain92 your site helped me! I restarted my computer like you said and I could vote again!!! [*]

My best friend told me that switching to Mac also works.


These are by kraziboi428 of the soompi forums. Pleaes help spread them around.

Contact & credits

You can leave comments or send an e-mail to: VoteForRain [AT]

The top banner is from Rain Legend.


  1. I sent screen shots to Time of the computer software that Moot fans are using to automatically vote by machine. The software is set to vote for Moot and vote against Rain with a "O". Last year I also sent to Time screenshots of the computer code the Miyamoto people were using to vote for him. Time has not responded.
    Even though it is a losing battle of man against machine, I still think it is worth voting by hand as a point of honor, but it must be recognized that the results are rigged and therefore invalid. I am disappointed in Time for setting up a retaliatory system that brings out the worst in people and for not using CAPTCHA and registration, with a limit of one vote per ID, to weed out machine voting.

  2. GET A LIFE.


    Besides you are doing it wrong anyway. Not that it will help.

  3. Thanks for the info!!! I have a blog of Rain and I'm gonna take this info to put in on my blog ^^

    We have to support Rain!!

    And anonymous if you don't wanna help... don't bother us :P

  4. Hello Clouds!

    I am sandara from Forum,

    Girls I know that Moot is cheating in the voting of times here and this page shows what I mean

    So please help Rain and we must send a e-mail to times and report the fraud and we do not accept the results...

    The e-mail Times is
    This is the address you can put in contact with the magazine send mail girls

    Fighting girls!!!!

  5. thank you guys for supporting rain...i myself is a fan of his and i think that he should win....visit my site... a comment there although it's all about korean dramas and movies but still i have some post in rain there also i post some of his songs.........RAIN FTW

  6. We raped the poll, enjoy your fail Rainfags.


  7. Stupid rainfags, it's not cheating. It's creative interpretation of the rules